Language: English

ID Oksana

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Main info

First Name:


Russia, Kaliningrad

Birth Date:
05 Mar 1973

Zodiac Sign:



Eye colour:

Hair colour:
Dark Brown

Body type:

Smoking Frequency:

Drinking Frequency:

Do you have children?:
1 child>
18 y.o. boy, Living at home

Russian 5 (Fluent)
English 2 (Elementary)

Marital status:

Want children:

Bachelors degree

Job Title:

What religion do you practice?:
Russian Orthodox


When it comes to TV:
Turn to a lifestyle channel
When it comes to money:
I've been known to blow some cash but I know my limits
Describe myself at a party as a:
Life of the party
Keep my space:
It's not perfect but close
Do I enjoy gardening?:
I love gardening
Do I enjoy grocery shopping?:
I really enjoy it
Do I enjoy other types of Shopping?:
I love it
Do I enjoy cooking?:
I love it
Ideally I would like to live in a:
house in the suburbs
How often do I like to go out?:
Twice a week
Do I enjoy dining out?:
I enjoy it
Preference for pets:
I have Cats, Don't have but like Dogs, Fish, Birds


35 - 55

Latin America, Western Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, North America

74.91 - 99.88 kg

175 - 201 cm

Eye colour:

Is it okay if they have children?:

Smoking Frequency:

Drinking Frequency:

Ethnic Preference:
White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern, South American


What type of Television programs do I enjoy watching most?:
Sci-fi, News, Nature/wildlife, Mystery/Thriller, Game Shows, Films, Drama, Documentary, Current Affairs/Debates, Comedy
I enjoy spending free time:
Curling up with a good book, Having lunch with a friend, With family, Playing with my pet, Shopping, Visiting a museum or gallery, Catching up on household chores, Pursuing a hobby, Watching TV or a movie, Picking belly-button lint, Taking a walk, Among friends, In Nature, Dancing in night clubs, Playing on the computer
Activities that I enjoy:
Biking, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Dancing, Swimming, Walking
Sports that I enjoy watching and/or playing:
Bowling, Figure skating
Forms of entertainment that I enjoy:
Bars/pubs, Concerts, Dance clubs, Dinner parties, Fashion events, Fine dining, Movies, Museum/arts, Classical Music, Jazz Music , Music Rock, Reading, TV Entertainment
Other hobbies or interests:
Cats, family/kids, gardening, gourmet cooking, painting, photography, travelling


Responses to some questions

How would you describe yourself?
How would you describe your ideal partner?
Состоявшийся,умный,чуткий,с чувством юмора,благородный,щедрый,романтик.
If you knew the world was going to end in 30 days, what would you do?
Каждый,из этих 30 дней я постаралась бы превратить в праздник для себя и своих близких..
If you had 10 million dollars to spare, what would you do with it?
Потратила бы на благотворительность.
How often, and from whom do you ask advice?
Чаще советы спрашивают у меня  ))
А я советуюсь со своей дочерью.
What quality do you value most in the people of your gender?
Женственность,ум и чувство юмора.
What quality do you value most in the opposite sex?
Умение любить,надежность,щедрость.
What is a recent prominent event in your life, and how has it affected you?
Получила профессию,о которой давно мечтала-имидж дизайнер,стилист.
What is the best advice that you will give to your children?
Никогда не обманывать себя.
What has produced the biggest impression (shock) on you?
У меня было много потрясений.
The last books that you read?
читаю много и одновременно несколько книг..Психология,исторический роман.
What are your goals now?
Устроить мою личную жизнь.
Whom do you admire?
Анджелиной Джоли.
Do you have a lot of friends?
Настоящих друзей не много,а приятелей масса!
What qualities do you dislike most in those of your gender?
What qualities do you dislike most in the people of the opposite sex?
What would you like to change in yourself?
What are your weaknesses?
Люблю поспать подольше утром  ))
What are your strengths ?
Умение прощать,оптимизм.
How do friends view you?
Веселой красавицей  )
How do acquaintances view you?
"Акулой"  ))
Who are your favourite writers and poets?
Пушкин,Ахмадулина,Пикуль, и другие.
What kinds of music do you like?
Классическая,рок,и другая.
What is your favourite food?
Средиземноморская,тайская,индийская кухни.
What are your favourite films?
"Привидение" и др.
What is your favourite fairy-tale?
What is your favourite activity or hobby?
Плавать в теплом море.
What is your dream job?
Tell us about your dream partner.
Близкий мне по духу,интересный,разносторонне развитый,красивый душой и телом щедрый весельчак! 
Where do you want to live?
В доме на берегу водоема.Главное не где-главное С КЕМ.